New Life New YORK City

God is giving you a new life in this city; just trust Him!- Bishop Davis Queens, NY

That’s what my Bishop told me, after I contemplated about leaving NYC. I’ve been blessed to be in a gospel play, write new music, model during fashion week and to met some major fashion designers in the industry. After all the glamour faded and work began to slow down, I’ve became jaded. I miss my family dearly and my friend Ava (twitter @IAMAVA) , who is a singer as well can relate. We both moved to NYC chasing a dream and this road gets hard! No one said it’s going to be easy; but you must encourage yourself. Believe it’s going to get better and speak positivity in your life. It’s so easy to become negative, discouraged, and impatient. Everything will work out for the good. I don’t understand why I have the social circle I do or why I’m here. They say “it’s not what you know; but who you know.” Those words are true; but will that person pick up your phone call to do business, advise or lending a helping hand. You can have the most powerful people in your rolodex; but if they can provide those 3 things, then you have NOTHING! I’m going to trust God and take it one day at a time. I understand why Jazmin Sullivan left the music business, I feel like walking out myself. I have to take it one day at a time for this new life in New York City.


About Angelica Legacy

She's truly an angel! 0:-) Angelica Legacy is a R&B/Pop singer/songwriter.
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